Introducing Statehood on Substack!

If you’ve been following me you know that I’ve enjoyed writing about the U.S. Senate, the States, multi-majoritarian democracy and sometimes the media.

Well, I’ll be moving most of my writing over to Substack where I’ve started Statehood, an antidote to toxic political nationalization. I’ll be be writing here less often and to the extent that I do it’ll probably be about the media — another interest of mine as I work to start a new publication that takes some of the problems with journalism today.

That said, I encourage you to visit and take advantage of the limited time offer where you can subscribe for just $0.50/cents a week for 12 months.

Hope to see y’all over there!


About Statehood

Finally, a newsletter about the States, the U.S. Senate and multi-majoritarian democracy where one person gets many votes. Today, our national political-media industries exacerbate polarization by presupposing that an ever larger number of controversial and consequential decisions be commanded by fewer people in higher places. Statehood will re-center American democracy where it belongs, around the people and the States, in order to capture a more accurate and textured portrait of the American polity and the frequently overlooked democracy that endures across the union.

In addition, Statehood embraces the idea that there’s a path forward for those across the ideological spectrum, including progressives that have long presumed the wisdom of central power, to view the States as a means toward social and economic progress. At a time when there is rightful skepticism of elite power in fewer places and division on major policies, Statehood believes it makes the most sense for the people to take matters into their own hands by building coalitions locally that, in turn, can create and scale lasting positive change.

And so! Statehood subscribers can expect delicious overlooked observations and coverage of the political, demographic, economic development and public opinion trends in the States, the grumblings of the U.S. Senate, the plump merits of decentralized governance, how the salience of hot-button national issues impact the States plus occasional succulent morsels about the histories, cultures and people of the States. Statehood aims to inform and perhaps even inspire citizens to civically engage in their state where it counts the most.

Subscribe here with a limited time offer of just $0.50 / week for one-year. That’s 60% off!



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