I’ve moved to Substack to write about multi-majoritarian democracy. You should join me.

Americans are getting a better look at the crucial function the States serve by design especially, though not exclusively, in the absence of leadership in the federal executive

Donald Trump learned to take credit for things he didn’t do as president by a media establishment that falsely attributes authoritarian economic influence to the presidency.

In a visit last month, Donald Trump tours an Apple manufacturing plan in Austin, Texas with CEO Tim Cook.

The political winds are beginning to again blow at Senate Democrats’ back. Will they seize the opportunity?

A moment I captured in May 2018 when Austinites across the community came out to celebrate Richard Overton’s birthday, who was then the world’s oldest living World War II veteran at 112. Overton passed away that December.

A modest majority have lived in 20 percent of the States since the Founding — and that isn’t projected to dramatically change in the next three decades.

Biden’s campaign underscores the dissonance between the media’s portrayal of Democratic voters and an actual electorate less interested in identity and ideological politics.

Robert Showah

Writing about the States and the U.S. Senate, and sometimes the media industry.

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